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Meet Our Team

Carol Farkas

Carol Farkas

Director, Client Services Quality and Management

Carol has been part of the Carecor team for over 20 years. She started out as a consultant and educator but it wasn’t long before her expertise and strong principles led her to become the Director of Client Services and Quality Management. Her current role consists of managing the overall operations of the staffing service and dealing with Carecor’s customers. She maintains a highly communicative approach as the main point of contact for staff and understands that the core value at Carecor is quality.

Much of Carol’s insight comes from the fact that she is a nurse herself – for over 37 years to be exact. Her educational background includes a nursing degree from Ryerson University and a Master of Nursing degree from the University of Toronto. Carol knows what it’s like to work in a trauma centre and surgical unit. She has worked the prolonged hours of shift work in busy hospitals and seen everything coming through those doors. She understands the difficulties and issues nurses face on a minute-to-minute basis because she has been there. Carol still carries both the empathy and patience of a nurse topped with her mentoring instinct and resilient work ethic.