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Carecor Health Services Ltd. Acquisition of First Health Care

June 13, 2017
June 2017
With a vision to be Canada’s premier hospital staffing company from coast to coast, Carecor Health Services Ltd. (Carecor) recently acquired the hospital staffing business of First Health Care.  Through the sale, First Health Care’s existing hospital staffing contracts and staff have transitioned to Carecor, establishing Carecor as one of the largest healthcare staffing firms in the Greater Toronto Area with hospital contracts extending across the entire region.
“We are committed to providing hospitals with the same level of support and service they have come to expect and value. Drawing from a significantly larger pool of staff enables us to meet our clients changing needs in a way like never before,” stated president and owner, Robert Yeo. “In addition to what we offer our clients, we are proud of what we can offer employees. Through expanding our currently sizable list of hospital staffing contracts, our employees now have more options on where and when they would like to work. ”
To ensure First Health Care field staff successfully transitioned to the Carecor brand and were properly trained on Carecor policy and practices, Carecor hosted a three day onboarding event at the Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto. Getting acquainted with the Carecor office team was also an event priority. Robert Yeo attended each training session to welcome new staff and members from the staffing office, human resources, and payroll departments were on hand to answer employee questions.
In addition to field staff transitioning to Carecor, First Health Care office staff also joined the company. “It is wonderful to have these individuals coming over (to Carecor). They have sound knowledge of hospital clients new to Carecor and can continue valuable relationships with the hundreds of healthcare providers who joined our team,” stated Yeo.  “We will be sharing best practices from both organizations and learning from each other. This acquisition is truly a game changer for the growth of our company.”
Like Carecor, First Health Care has a long history of providing high quality and passionate client care through a team of experienced and committed field and administrative.
About Carecor
Established in 1982, Carecor is a dominant acute care staffing services provider in Toronto, southern Ontario, and Halifax. We provide intensive care, emergency, medicine, surgery, and mental health departments with Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Patient Attendants, Unit Aides, and Unit Clerks. In addition to celebrating our quality staff, we are proud recipients of the “Exemplary Standing” award from Accreditation Canada.
About First Health Care
First Health Care has been a leading provider of hospital staffing and homecare services with 20 years of experience providing millions of hours of nursing care to Canadians.  First Health Care is accredited by Accreditation Canada, the highest standards for care and quality in the industry. First Health Care’s subsidiary, HumanaCare, continues to be a leader in employee health services including Employee and Family Assistance Programs, Medical Second Opinion, Disability Support, Eldercare and Chronic Disease Management Services.
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