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Thank You, Healthcare Heroes

Shared messages of gratitude and positivity from our families, staff, and communities. Learn More

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We are a team of highly skilled, experienced professionals. We offer quality training, schedule flexibility, a selection of outstanding acute and specialized partner facilities, and, perhaps most importantly, freedom of choice.

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Helping Healthcare Workers Every Day

Gerby Malanay

Staffing Coordinator

"When the workers know we can help design their work schedule, it builds up a level of trust with us. That’s one of the advantages of working for Carecor; you get to pick the shifts and the dates you want to work."Read More

Angelo Untalan

Staffing Coordinator

"Sometimes a worker will call and ask for me because we’ve built up trust. It’s nice and it builds confidence, knowing that I’m helping them."Read More

Justine Hayashi

Staffing Coordinator

"Sometimes we’ll get an email saying that a particular staff member was just fabulous on a unit, and of course we feel great because we helped place them there."Read More

Jelen Calletor

Staffing Coordinator

"They all have their commitments, and so it’s important for me to get to know them a little bit. I know when they have school and I know if they prefer night shifts because their partners are working during the day."Read More

Tracy Scott

Staffing Coordinator

"When it comes to our staff, they call and you treat them more like a friend than a co-worker."Read More

Debbie Ochoa

Staffing Coordinator

"Just knowing that I’m a vital link between the health care workers and the units and I’m helping both of them is so rewarding. I have a lot of days like that -- a lot of best days."Read More

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