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Our Commitment During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Crisis

March 17, 2020

Our people are on the frontlines of the COVID -19 pandemic and we are actively monitoring provincial and national updates. I want to assure every Carecor employee that we are taking all necessary measures to ensure safety. Further to this, we are committed to providing facilities with the continuity of service which we are well known for.

With growing concerns from the Government of Canada, we are increasing our precautionary measures in a number of key areas:

  • Social Distancing – We have taken virus-mitigating action to reduce potential transmission by closing Carecor office locations to the public. As of 9 am today, March 17th, our office staff are working remotely. Our exceptional teams quickly responded to this decision and seamlessly transitioned to a remote workforce. We are in full regular operation, so please do not hesitate to call or email us. For reference, office staff contact information is located on our website.
  • Healthcare Provider Self Screening – One of our strongest prevention opportunities is employee self- screening and hand washing. All Carecor employees and contractors have a responsibility to provide care to our client facility patients in line with current standards of practice to act in a way that protects the public, clients, colleagues and themselves at all times. Our people have been provided with a self-screening tool which is completed every day prior to starting work.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply and Education – Relationships with our partner hospitals are stronger than ever and we inform all Carecor departments and staff with necessary updates from these facilities. The sites we serve are equipped with PPE and our people have been trained on how to use it when required. Further to this, we alerted our healthcare staff to check upcoming expiry of their N95 Respirator Mask Fit Testing and if refitting is required, they have been provided direction as to whom to contact.
  • Employee and Client Communication – Carecor’s leadership team is meeting continually to assess government and public health authority updates. Making sure our people and clients have the information they need to keep up to date and safe is of the utmost priority.

As the COVID19 virus continues to present challenges to the healthcare sector, my gratitude for our employees grows. Thank you to all administrative and healthcare staff who tirelessly help serve the Canadian public during this time of crisis. And thank you to our clients who continue to partner with us in safe patient care delivery.


Jay Sahar
Director of Operations,
Carecor Health Services Ltd.

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