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Meet Our Team

Winnie Ni

Winnie Ni

Payroll Administrator

With her payroll certification and more than 10 years of experience in payroll and accounting services, she is confident in providing both her customers and the company with superior services. If you think her mind is filled full of numbers, then you might be wrong this time. As a working mom with two blessed boys, her definitely busy life has been well balanced through routine mediation.

Since joining Carecor, Winnie has pursued the notion that the magic of her services is only in how her end customers feel about the experience. From a single number, to each staff’s question, to every tight payroll deadline, Winnie is keen to make sure her clients’ each and every concern has been addressed promptly.  To most people, facing countless numbers day after day would be the least ideal job to live with. Winnie, however, enjoys playing with her numbers to improve the efficiency and quality of her work.