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Thank You

Messages to Our Healthcare Heroes

Carecor is grateful to all healthcare workers who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. We wanted to show our team’s appreciation and also make it easy for others to share their gratitude. Our thanks may never be enough, but we want to try.

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Thank Yous

It’s been a long, crazy road, especially for us agency workers; Constantly adapting to new and changing regulations, working harder and more diligently than ever and of course one of the most stressful periods we’ve seen in a long time. The fact that you have worked as hard as you can, replacing short staffed units and wards, bolstering heavy hit LTC facilities, or ensuring that patients in acute care have access to quality, round the clock care, is an achievement that you should be proud of. Through the sacrifices we’ve all made in this pandemic, the sacrifices you’ve made, this stressful time was made a bit easier for everybody. Keep up hope, and stay safe!

Healthcare Worker

Working on the frontlines as a nurse hasn’t been easy, especially with so much uncertainty and stress becoming only more and more prevalent as the pandemic continued to spread. Every time I found myself experiencing fatigue or lack of hope, I reminded myself of why I became a nurse in the first place: to make a difference, no matter big or small. If I can help someone to make their lives easier, even if by a bit, I know that I have accomplished my goal. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will get there together!

Healthcare Worker

To all our healthcare workers and first responders, thank you so much for all your hard work during this hard time. You have truly been the bright light during such a dark time in our history. #wecandothis

Healthcare Worker

Thank you for being a guiding light to our nation in this time of adversity. You are putting your own health on the line to save ours. Your strength and humility are much appreciated!

Healthcare Worker

You are doing great! Your selfless efforts are appreciated and will be remembered by many, especially to the vulnerable patients that you care for and their loving families. We are with you in this fight, and we are in this together. Keep going!

Healthcare Worker

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

You never know what others are going through. Especially during this unprecedented time, we must check up on our friends and family members. Practicing physical distancing makes this incredibly hard. Do not hesitate to reach out to your loved ones or professional help if needed. There are numerous resources out there available for health care workers. Stay safe and take care.

Healthcare Worker

Take care of yourself first. As caregivers we often forget to leave some of our energy to do self-care. In order to be the best care person for our patients we must make sure we are in a good place ourselves.

Healthcare Worker

Grateful for all the nurses that I work and the support I receive every shift. We got this!

Healthcare Worker

C’mon, we can ALL do this. Keep your heads high.

Healthcare Worker

Thank you for working so hard in these unprecedented times. You are indeed valuable in this industry. Without your compassion, more people will be living in terror and chaos. Thank you also for being our inspiration to move forward and be brave to face trials and challenges. Kudos to all frontline health workers!

Healthcare Worker

Hope everyone stay safe and happy!

Healthcare Worker

My name is Lamlat and am PSW at Carecor Toronto. In December 2020 I had insomnia for three days. Everyone that knows me, knows my love for sleep especially at night time. That week I couldn’t sleep because I was think about the strength of destruction of COVID even with all the strict rules of following aseptic techniques(Aseptic technique means using practices and procedures to prevent contamination from pathogens. It involves applying the strictest rules to minimize the risk of infection). In our various health institutions the cases of the notorious COVID kept rising.

But I assure Mr. Bad man COVID-19 we has health workers will not stop our fight against you and we shall win with help of Almighty Allah and everyone ❤  Let keep doing our best

Healthcare Worker

To all health care workers, a “Big Thank You” & a “Big Hug” are being sent to you in gratitude for all your endless hours of hard work in keeping our communities safe from COVID-19 and its variants. May God bless you with continued strength and peace.

Community Supporter

Thank you everyone who has stuck through this pandemic

Healthcare Worker

Thank you for the work. 👼🏼

Healthcare Worker

I would like to thank all healthcare workers and staff that go out everyday to work to take care of their clients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Healthcare Worker

It’s such a pride to have some workers like you in our team

Healthcare Worker

Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help us all get through this pandemic. I regret that I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your service and sacrifice except to say THANK YOU!!!

Community Supporter

We are forever thankful for your dedication and sacrifices to keep our community together!

Community Supporter

We are just so fortunate to work with such a wonderful and talented group of nurses at Carecor. Equally fortunate are the patients who receive quality and exemplary care from our talented and passionate Carecor nurses. I want to extend a thank you and pass on words of appreciation to the great team of nurses we are so fortunate to work with. Happy Nursing Week! Thank you for your dedication!

Community Supporter

Happy Personal Support Workers day to all the PSWs . I am a PSW for the last few years and l am very happy to have help the clients and work with Hospital Staff . It has been a pleasure of mine ! Have a happy day PSWS!

Healthcare Worker

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